Endurance and Strength


The ScaraBot uses only the highest quality materials. The frame and the propellers of the ScaraBot are made of 100% high-strength and extremely light carbon fiber composite. This brings the ScaraBot Endurance to a curb weight of 2150g.
The patented streamlined outriggers - the FreeFlow Arms - make the ScaraBot 9% more efficient than comparable models. In addition, the FreeFlow Arms also reduce noise emissions and vertical vibration. Thus, the UAV is quieter than comparable concepts and the decoupling of the camera or other payload is more effective.




Max. Payload




Max. Flight time




Empty Weight




max. Link Range (Control, Telemetry and Video)


Compact Design



Powerful PX4 based flight control and peripherals

High range Data, Video and control Link

60m ToF ground sensor


Our systems provide an industrial grade output connector and cable, providing data and control through UART (Mavlink) and UAVCAN as well as protected battery voltage with up to 5A.

The connector has hot swap capability and a locking push-pull mechanism.

Additionally a more traditional XT30 is available to also provide protected battery voltage, e.g. to power an additional radio transmitter or other payload systems.



All in one Controller

Radio Control, Data link and Video link all in one single and comfortable controller

Telemetry and Video can be forwarded to other systems (Tablets, Control stations, the Internet) through a WIFI hotspot.



Features ScaraBot X8 Endurance

Motors:  8 x Brushless
Arms: unique aerodynamic carbon FreeFlow arms
max. Takeoff Weight: 5000g
Empty / Curb Weight:  2150g
Dimensions (Props Folded): B 600 x T 600 x H 402 mm
Battery:  22,2 V, 6S Li-Ion, 18 Ah
Flight Control:     PX4 based


Flight performance

Climb Rate: 4 m/s (software limit)
Sink Rate: 3 m/s (software limit)
Flight Time:  

with 200g Payload:

~60 Minuten
with 500g Payload: ~50 Minuten
with 1000g Payload: ~26 Minuten
Velocity: Up to 45 km/h (software limit)
max. Wind Load: 5 Bft, 11 m/s
Ferngesteuert: 12 Km
Waypoint: 25 Km
Operating Temperature: -10 bis 40 °C












MultiCopter:  ScaraBot X8 Endurance
Control and Data Link: HereLink (Other options available on request)
GCS Software:    QGroundControl, Solex, QGCS,
other Mavlink capable solutions
Training:    3h system training in 93128 Regenstauf, Germany
At your site at request
Battery: 22,2 V, 6S Li-Ion, 18 Ah


Estimated Flight time depending on the Payload



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