Modular System


Compact and Portable


Multi-Level  Redundancy



Local Data Privacy


Made in Germany


A World of Applications

Industrial Inspection

  • Detect the slightest damage with 30x zoom camera gimbal
  • Fly and inspect even large buildings in one go Inspection of wind power and photovoltaic systems
  • Even with wind forces up to 5 Bft, the ScaraBot can fly safely Inspection of electricity and radio masts


Search and Rescue

  • Cover large areas with our extreme flight time and e.g. a combination payload of high resolution thermal and zoom cameras
  • Rely on our robust, dependable system
  • Its compact dimensions get the ScaraBot transported to its destination easily


Agriculture and Forestry

  • Cover large areas quickly with your ScaraBots extreme flight time
  • Deploy a variety of payloads for different applications, all with the same UAV, e.g.
    • Multispectral imaging to detect malnutrition, drought or pests
    • Thermal imaging with advanced data processing to detect fawns in high grass
    • ... or the same to find those boars in your corn field


Civil Protection

  • Get the perfect overview of your action from high above with state of the art cameras - for up to one full hour of uninterrupted flight time
  • Scout ahead with massive video link range
  • Inspect dams, control flood situations
  • Distribute live imagery and video directly to commanders, command vehicles, control centers, ...


  • Accelerate your mission through high flight times
  • Use state of the art full frame cameras and high quality lenses to get the highest resolution, or to cover the area even faster from a higher altitude
  • Rely on an industrial grade UAV to get the job done


Custom Applications

  • Implement your own payload with a single unified interface
  • Flexibly request all the data you need directly from the Flight Control through Mavlink
  • Or use UAVCAN for an even more powerful interface
  • Utilize the telemetry and data link to communicate with your payload in flight - without an additional radio link
  • We also offer support and integration services for your project, please approach us